Tamora Pierce has never let me down

Honestly. Not once, in 28 books, have I been disappointed or thought a plot was mediocre or disliked a character. Not once! I don’t think I can say that about any other author (well, maybe my old faves Eleanor Estes and Elizabeth Enright.)

So perhaps you can tell that I’ve just finished Mastiff, the final book in the Beka Cooper trilogy – WOW! SO gratifying, right up until the very, very end. Of course I was smiling and crying for the last 50 pages. I just never get tired of Tortall and its people.

I’ve met Tamora Pierce a few times and even got to sit next to her at a publishing dinner once because none of the “big shots” at the dinner had read any of her books. I count that dinner as one of the many blessings that working in this business has given me – to actually meet and talk with someone you admire, to ask questions, to gush, is amazing.

If you’re already a fan and you haven’t read Mastiff, take the weekend and DO IT. If you’re not a fan yet, then pick up a book and get started!

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