Raves from our clients

OK, so everyone likes to get compliments, and we're no exception! We love it when people tell us...

Thank you note from Dr. Sally Hodson

Dr. Sally Hodson, author

They LOVE the website we designed for them:
"You and your team are a big part of making my childhood dream come true."—Blanche Dudley, www.blanchedudley.com

"First: have I mentioned what a GREAT site you two have created? It really is amazing. I am so grateful!"—Pat Mora, www.patmora.com

"I'm really so thankful to you...You've made this so painless for me, and actually rather joyous."—Lucine Kasbarian, www.lucinekasbarian.com

They LOVE the way we revamped their old website:
"Trading the old site for the new makes me feel as if I happily touched a match to a plaid polyester pants suit and replaced it with something classy from Chico's. A relief.THANK YOU."—Patsi Trollinger, www.patsibtrollinger.com

"This is great! Thanks again, Bobbie. You're a wonder-worker on the computer."—Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM, www.murraybodo.com

They enjoy working with us:
"Thanks again for everything! For the great site and for being so great to work with!!! Your fan, Deborah"—Deborah Heiligman, www.deborahheiligman.com

"Laurina and Bobbie at We Love Children's Books have helped me tremendously. Not just by their website design, which is lively and beautiful, but through their advice about marketing, their help in creating an online newsletter linked to the website, and their general interest and support of my work. Writing is lonely business, and it's heartening to have such knowledgeable colleagues to work with. It's also fun. As the name says, they love what they do!"—George Ella Lyon, www.georgeellalyon.com

KL Going card

A gift of chocolate and lovely words from K.L. Going: author, editor, speaker

About our general fabulousness:

"Wow - thanks for doing it so quickly and perfectly!"—Sharon Hearn, Children's Book World, www.childrensbookworld.com

"I'm honored to have We Love Childrens Books as my Web team! I've worked with Bobbie Combs and Laurina Cashin for years and have consistently found them enthusiastic, prompt, professional and ready to help me solve problems."—Pat Mora, www.patmora.com

That they like what we have to say:
SCBWI-AZ thanks

Susan Korman, author and editor

Susan Korman, author and editor