StarCrossed, by Elizabeth Bunce

Well, now that I’ve read it, I can kick myself for letting this galley languish in my reading pile for the last few months. All the signs were there – it’s published by Arthur Levine Books, edited by Cheryl Klein and recommended by my fantasy Queen, Tamora Pierce (she says it’s “Splendid…a smashing read!”) Tamora’s right – it IS smashing, and I couldn’t stop reading it once I started.

Bunce’s main character, Digger, would be right at home with all of the lovely girls-who-fight, girls-who-steal, and girls-who-have-magic that Tamora’s introduced us to over the years. She’s just a great gal: a sneaky, fearless, compassionate little thief who finds herself keeping company with a noble family…Digger has a lot of secrets, but so does everyone else, and I just couldn’t wait to get to the end to find out what they all were.

And the ending was SO gratifying…and yet…now I have to wait for the sequel, Liar’s Moon. Aarrggh!!

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