Review — The Popularity Papers

The Popularity Papers
by Amy Ignatow
Amulet Books/ Abrams, 2010
hardcover fiction, ages 9-13

Amy Ignatow’s debut novel is hilarious with a story (fifth grade girls want to crack the code of popularity) and format (almost graphic novel) that will absolutely delight readers. Lydia and Julia are best friends and concoct a plan for becoming popular — observe the popular girls, record what they do and what they look like, and then conduct research experiments. We get to read their personal notebook that tells the whole story through handwritten notes and colorful, cartoony drawings. Their families — Lydia’s single mom and Goth sister, and Julie’s two dads — are right there with them. The results are sometimes unexpected, sometimes unwelcome, but true and often funny. There’ll be comparisons made to Diary of a Wimpy Kid and that’s a good thing.

We love books where LGBTQ families are just there, just part of the story.

Thanks to Abrams Books for sending us an ARC.


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