Is Your Website Working for You?

We’re starting to get excited about our upcoming Highlights Foundation Founders Workshop, Making the Web Work for You, coming up March 4-8.  One of our breakout sessions is called “Is Your Website Working for You?”  Here’s a description:

Gone are the days when authors and illustrators would ask “Do I need a website?”   Now it’s unthinkable that a professional would not have a website (or a blogsite, Facebook page, or other web presence.)  It’s not enough, though, to create your site and just let it be.  We’ll discuss updating your site (how often?) to keep it relevant, marketing your site to connect you with the larger children’s book community on the web and give you tips for analyzing your site traffic, maximizing the “reach” of your site and making your site content sparkle. 
We hope you’ll join us up in Honesdale for good food and lots of brainstorming!


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