Review — Where is Catkin?


Where is Catkin?                         

Written by Janet Lord
Illustrated by Julie Paschkis
Peachtree Publishers, 2010
hardcover picture book
I’m a huge fan of Julie Paschkis’ art — her colors and imaginative decorations are a visual delight. And I embrace the idea of sisters’ collaboration. (Julie and her sister, Janet Lord, have shared credit for two previous picture books.) And, though I’m definitely a dog person, I like cats well enough. So, Where is Catkin?, is a natural as a picture book that delights and engages me. The story begins with young Amy and Catkin against a background of fantasical lush flowers and a shining sun. “Catkin sneeks through the grass./He sees something shiny and small./ Kerik-kerik. Kerik-kerik./Catkin hops …” and is off to the hunt! Double page spreads full of bright colors against a black background, framed bottom and top by a decorative border in gold and orange-red, follow Catkin on the chase through the garden, as the cat hears various sounds and goes after a frog, a mouse, a snake. The borders also follow the story’s progress as the animals chased but not caught populate the borders. Then, as the action shifts and Catkin is caught in a tree, the borders’ placement changes. The last page portrays Amy with resucued Catkin in her arms, borders on all four sides, everyone happy and safe. Ahhh!

Thanks to Peachtree Publishers for the review copy.

Serendipity! I just went to the wonderful Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog to check if there was an interview with Julie Paschkis I could link to. There is and it’s dated today! Read it. Feast your eyes on images shown of art from Catkin.

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