Review for Molly’s Bookshelf — I Want a Dog

I Want a Dog
Written and illustrated by Helga Bansch
North South, hardcover, $16.95
Picture Book

“Lisa loved dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, short dogs, tall dogs, shaggy-haired dogs, curly-haired dogs, any kind of dog. ‘I want a dog,’ she said twenty-one times a day.” Lisa’s entreaties don’t fall on deaf ears but her parents stand firm, “Our apartment is too small for a dog.”

She argues (nicely,) makes promises, threatens tantrums, all to no avail. However, Lisa is a problem-solver and she hatches an ingenious plan to get what she wants. The end result is a happy foursome – her parents, a playful pup named Rollo, Mr. Lewis, Rollo’s elderly owner and of course, Lisa. It’s not easy introducing concepts like creative solutions and taking action to young children, but it’s easily done here.

The artwork is loose with a contemporary feel using bright colors with limited collage. Changing perspectives and layout help move the narrative along. Dogs, real and not, are everywhere, sharing the focus with red-haired Lisa, and both people and dogs are expressive with use of simple lines.

Come meet Lisa, dog-walker extraordinaire and dog’s best friend!

Thanks to North South Books for supplying a review copy.


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