We L-O-V-E children’s books!
That’s why we’ve spent our careers working in the children’s book industry. Collectively we’ve covered a lot of ground:
» » We’ve done buying, sales and marketing at the bookstore, chain bookstore and wholesale level (both retail and library/school).
» » We have experience in collection development; independent publishing and independent children’s bookselling.
» » We’ve reviewed books; written teacher’s guides; worked trade shows; built websites and presented at conferences.

We will put this enthusiasm and experience to work for you!

Who we are
Bobbie Combs
Bobbie visited her first children’s bookstore (shout out to The Children’s Bookshop in Brookline, MA!) just after graduating with her English Lit degree and knew she’d found her calling. While working in children’s bookstores she began writing children’s book reviews and joined the SCBWI to start figuring out how to be a children’s book author (it’s on her bucket list). She moved on to a job as children’s book buyer with Koen Book Distributors where she co-founded Koen Kids, the children’s book division, with colleagues Lisa Dugan and Dina Ciquero. Some years later she taught herself to build websites and left Koen to work for herself, eventually persuading Laurina Cashin to join her and to start We Love Children’s Books.

Laurina Cashin (founding partner, now retired but still weighing in – she always has an opinion!)
Laurina has a Master of Education Degree from Springfield College and worked for different library vendors including Yankee Book Peddler (Director of Sales & Marketing/Children’s Book Division), Book Wholesalers Inc. (Marketing Director and Head of Collection Development) and Brodart (Marketing Manager/School Libraries) before joining We Love Children’s Books. An active member of the ALSC division of the American Library Association, Laurina is our resident library expert. She’s known around here as “the quiet one” and we just hope she won’t run away to Simmons to get her Master of Arts in Children’s Literature (it’s on her bucket list).

Lisa Dugan
Trained as a teacher, Lisa visited Koen Book Distributors while working part-time at a bookstore and answered the call of children’s books, joining Koen as a sales/marketing rep but quickly sharing her energetic bursts of creative energy with Koen Kids and eventually becoming the children’s book buyer. After Koen she was the picture book buyer at Barnes & Noble before joining We Love Children’s Books. When not at her desk she can be found doing yoga, taking long walks and reading about river rafting in the Grand Canyon (it’s on her bucket list).

Desiree Rappa
The spectacular design of our websites and printed materials is all due to Desiree, our graphic designer, who can take the roughest sketch or briefest email and turn it into a work of art. She’s done work in the book industry for many years, creating catalogs, marketing pieces, book design, web graphics and websites; and she’s illustrated several children’s books to boot. We’re not sure if there’s anything LEFT on Desiree’s bucket list – she’s done so much already!

Sally Lindsay
At her day job, Sally is Director of Telemarketing and Special Sales at Chesapeake & Hudson Publisher’s Representatives – but she lends research and writing support to We Love Children’s Books on evenings and weekends and is always happy to help us with special projects. She’s also our very own on-staff photographer – she has over 10,000 photos on Flickr (getting to 100,000 is on her bucket list).